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  • is a community of privileged consumers who shop smart using an Online Directory and exclusive Mobile App that enables them to find special discounts, deals and freebies that are only available to OGIdiscounts members. Members have the unique benefit of shaping their own Loyalty Club by choosing the Businesses and Professionals that offer their products and services to other members.
  •    You can build your own local or worldwide Discount Club by becoming a member and you also get access to thousands of available discounts that other members have brought to the club.

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Everybody shops. Whatever the type of consumer you are, OGIdiscounts will help you save on your daily shopping without changing what you shop for, or where you shop for it. Take control of what you spend for products and services you purchase every day by using the combined purchasing power of a Global Loyalty Club.


Members of OGIdiscounts get special discounts from our Merchants


Introduce OGIdiscounts to 3 new members and never pay again


If there are no Merchants in your area you can introduce new ones


If you introduce new merchants you get amazing bonuses


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